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Clean Coal Pro offers a patent pending Fireside Chemical Treatment. Our CC-88 Combustion Catalyst “speeds up” the rate of combustion and improves the fuel efficiency of burning coal by up to 15% or more1. Aside from the financial savings, the benefit of CC-88 green coal technology is that our product reduces smokestack emissions.


Clean Coal Pro offers our combustion enhancement products to operators of coal-fired boiler worldwide as a practical and economical solution to balance burning coal with environmental restrictions. Our products reduce coal consumption (by reducing the amount of unburned carbon fuel – released from smokestacks as black smoke).
We own exclusive formulas for several combustion catalysts to treat coal, bunker C oil, other fossil fuels (peat), municipal waste and crop waste products. Our flagship product CC-88 is a Patent Pending blend of chemical ingredients. We blend these ingredients in Chicago, IL to produce CC-88 and other combustion improvement products.


Our products offer significant return on investment to our customers.
CC-88 coal catalyst provides the least costly capital investment to improve fuel efficiency when burning raw coal. CC-88 improves boiler efficiency by speeding up combustion thus maximizing heat transfer. Customers’ return on investment is achieved by utilizing all available carbon in the fuel and generating more steam or heat per ton of coal used. CC-88 helps furnace and boiler operators to reduce their operating costs by reducing slag and fouling. Our products help to maintain a much cleaner operating furnace system, requiring less maintenance and resulting in fewer costly unscheduled shutdowns.


Clean Coal Pro addresses very large markets. In 2010 China mined 3.6 billion tons of Coal and imported an additional 160+ million tons. This represented 45% of worldwide coal consumption. India is the third largest coal producing country in the world. Coal is and will be the most important fuel source meeting both China and India’s domestic energy needs for the next sixty years. ACCC targets Asia’s Industrial Boiler Markets, particularly the roughly 1.2 billion tons of the 3.6 billion tons coal burned in China’s Industrial Boilers. Industrial Boilers make Iron, Cement, Fertilizer, Pulp and Paper, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals. Across both China and India there is also a very large municipal and building heating boiler market burning coal. These boilers generally have relative low combustion efficiency, from 45% to 80%. Users of CC-88 can increase these efficiencies from 8 to over 15 percentage points depending on the coal, type of boiler and boiler combustion conditions. CC-88 can be used in Utility Power Plant boilers to help improve combustion efficiency. Asia has many power plants constructed over 5 years ago that operate at less than 90%, some as low as 75-80%. CC-88 will help these boilers to reduce their emissions and to reduce from slagging when burning certain coals or combinations of coals.

According to the IEA, in other markets in the Asian nations outside China and India, coal consumption is growing by an average of 3.0 percent per year. Growing demand for energy in Asia’s electric power and industrial sectors drives the increase in coal use. Significant growth in coal consumption is expected in Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand where considerable amounts of new coal-fired generating capacity are being built. All of this combines for an extremely large Industrial Boiler / Heating Boiler market of more than 1 million units in China alone, that on average operate at a mere 60% combustion efficiency. Forty percent of the valuable carbon goes up the smokestack as waste and pollution.